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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 18.11.15


By downloading and/or purchasing any content created by tnc1997 you agree to the following


Payware Scenario - Any scenario that requires the user to purchase it for any amount of money
Freeware Scenario - Any scenario that doesn't generate any income for the content developer
Credit - The developer must provide details including author name (tnc1997) and link to the website
Personal Use - Edited content should not be released online and should only be used by the editor

Section 1 - Using Content

1.1 - The creation of payware scenarios by any other individual using any reskin is strictly prohibited
1.2 - The creation of payware scenarios by any other individual using any route is strictly prohibited
1.3 - The creation of freeware scenarios using any route/reskin is permitted as long as credit is given
1.4 - tnc1997 trains accepts no responsibility for any issues caused by the installation of content

Section 2 - Editing Content

2.1 - Editing a route/reskin is permitted, however it should be strictly for personal use only

Section 3 - Distributing Content

3.1 - Sending any payware content that you've purchased to any other individual is strictly prohibited
3.2 - Sharing or distributing any downloaded content is prohibited unless you have permission

Section 4 - Purchasing Content

4.1 - Due to the nature of the content offered refunds are unfortunately not available on purchases